“SEAT is dedicated to be the best forum for the professionals & executives in the sports & entertainment industry as the ONLY Peer-Driven Industry Conference in the World.”

SEAT was established in 2006 by Christine Stoffel,  while she was the Vice President of Technology & Strategic Operations for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Christine collaborated alongside with 15 sport industry peers to create 2 days of collaborative discussions, case studies & panels. 10 years later, over 1400 sport & entertainment leaders meet, network & collaborate at SEAT events across the globe.


Together, we shared a vision of bringing together industry tech leaders to collaborate & share their projects, strategies, best practices and much more.

As Technology Leaders passionate about the industry, we set forth the idea of changing the way the industry viewed technology.

For years, technology was seen as an expense. We felt passionate that technology should be seen an asset to be leveraged for revenue, fan engagement & change the “experience” in sports.

We felt compelled to change the way Technology Leaders engaged within their organizations… a mind-shift from a “techy stuck in a basement room”…. to a “strategic leader and an innovator with a voice to share strategy & vision with the organization.”

Lastly, we were determined to collapse the “silo’d departments” prevalent within sports organizations and to influence partnership through collaboration across every sport, venue and organization across the globe that we could reach.

This was our vision to accomplish together.

The SEAT Culture….

SEAT is About Life-Long Friendships - This Is A Community of Like-Minded Professionals

SEAT is about friendships family and helping each other move forward in our careers.

SEAT is about caring and a desire for your peers and their organizations to be successful..

SEAT is about being a part of something special and much bigger than what we can imagine..

SEAT San Francisco Softball Tournament
T-Mobile Arena SEAT 2016

SEAT is about life….. and our journey together..

“I have attended SEAT for 9 years and the relationships I have built over that time have been game changing in my life and in my job. SEAT is a ‘MUST-ATTEND’ event if you are a professional in the sports & entertainment industry” - Kevin Naylor, Vice President, Technology, Indiana Pacers

We Are Continuing To Grow Our Global Community


SEAT USA Based Global Conference (Annual Growth)

In 2016, Over 25 Countries Were Represented

SEAT Annual Growth

SEAT Europe (London) Conference Annual Growth - Total Attendance

In 2016, over 10 Countries Represented

Who Attends SEAT Events?


Heads of Technology
Heads of Strategy & Innovation
Heads of Security & Venue Operations
Heads of Marketing & Innovation
Heads of Revenue
Heads of Operations
Heads of Digital Marketing
Heads of Social Media
Heads of Sponsorship & Sales
Heads of Fan Engagement & Fan Experiences
Heads of Ticket Operations
CRM & Database Marketing Professionals
Mobile Marketing Professionals

Michelle McKenna-Doyle

SEAT Brand Strengths


  • Owned and operated by a prior sports & entertainment executive, Christine leads by collaboration, transparency, openness, drive and passion.
  • Christine is a leader who understands the industry peers’ challenges, pain points and desire to transform an industry; a desire to think differently through collaboration.
  • Christine drives the business with integrity and truly listens, then translates and executes with passion.


  • SEAT is known across the industry to be the most intimate and engaging conference-event in the industry.
  • SEAT has an established reputation of fostering collaboration, sharing, thought-leadership and life-long relationships.


  • SEAT is a consortium, a community and a program which grows and changes organically as the industry leaders define what’s needed. Truly peer-driven from the roots.
SEAT San Francisco Softball Tournament
T-Mobile Arena SEAT 2016


  • SEAT is guided by “foundational principals” which are upheld with vigor by Christine Stoffel with the full support of the SEAT Community, Advisory Board and the Steering Committees.

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