SEAT 2015 Steering Committee Members

SEAT now offers membership opportunities for deeper engagement within the SEAT Community.

  • Grow your career & your professional network.
  • Access discounts on conference passes.
  • Get access to career coaching, best practices and more.

“SEAT is truly unique; it’s a Community. At SEAT, you are able to network and collaborate with not only your technology peers but your industry peers as well. It’s extremely valuable to learn from other teams in your sport or other sports organizations worldwide.” ~ David Enriquez, Senior Director, Information Technology at Miami Marlins and Marlins Park

Membership Application and Registration opening February 15, 2017

SEAT Membership Categories

SEAT will be offering 2 Types of Membership Categories. This is an industry exclusive membership. All memberships are by an application process. Every application is reviewed in detail, and will approved by the SEAT Peer Industry Advisory Board.

Sport & Entertainment Professional

To be approved for this membership category, the applicant must be DIRECTLY employed with a professional sport team, club, entertainment venue or college athletics program.

Vendor/ Commercial Company

This membership category is for vendors, consultants, technology companies, commercial companies & SEAT Sponsors. Individuals or organizations that sell products, services or consulting to the sports & entertainment industry.

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Our Global Sponsors are engaged in SEAT Global Events in the most immersive experience across the sports & entertainment industry!


Thank you To The SEAT 2017 Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are fully engaged in the most extensive manner through supporting our immersive global programs to empowering us to leverage their technology platforms to improve our SEAT business processes.


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